PEM providing a Carbon Management Plan to Grimsby Institute

PEM have been commissioned to undertake a full carbon management plan for Grimsby Institute of Further & Higher Education. The project involves:

1. Summarise the national and sectoral policies and funding opportunities available for the college.

2. Provide information on the college’s energy related legal obligations.

3. Measure the current scope 1 & 2 energy usage, energy costs and CO2 emissions. The calculation of the college’s carbon footprint.

4. Produce an interpolated ‘business as usual’ case should no action be taken.

5. Define a time bound carbon reduction target e.g. 10% reduction of energy by 2020.

6. Undertake extensive on site energy surveys to highlight energy reduction opportunities. These will then be classified according to the capital costs, annual energy savings and simple payback. This will be developed into a detailed action plan.

7. Renewable Energy opportunities assessment.

8. Thermal camera audit showing heat loss/gain areas in order to inform energy audits.

9. Provide details of how energy savings due to behavioural change can be incorporated into the college to allow staff and students to contribute to the campaign.

10. Document how the CMP should be monitored and reported.

11. Provide onsite presentation to the estates and senior management team regarding the benefits of implementing the plan.

12. Development of an ‘Environmental Sustainability Policy’

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