TONI&GUY wanted to reduce its electricity costs due to its high demand for hot water, lighting, electrical appliances and hair dryers.


Professional Energy Management Ltd. (PEM Ltd.) undertook an energy audit to highlight areas of improvement and create an action plan.


PEM Ltd. identified savings of over 25% in energy supply costs reducing annual energy spend by £1,5000/yr. Additional savings of over £2,000/yr were identified within the improvement plan.

Kimberley Johnson is currently the franchise for TONI&GUY Hairdressers in Hull. The hairdressers is recognised as one of the most respected hairdressers within the city. The organisation has ambitions to build the hairdressers into a larger and more successful operation

The hairdressers has experienced increasing electricity costs due to increasing prices and extra usage of appliances and hot water. Annual electricity energy costs exceeded £6,000/yr. The hairdressers needed a combined approach to energy cost reduction. Firstly, to reduce costs by obtaining a cheaper electricity tariff, secondly, by identifying electricity cost saving opportunities.

Solution & Value
The hairdressers called upon the services of Professional Energy Management Ltd. (PEM). PEM took advantage of the recent wholesale reduction of electricity costs and negotiated a reduced electricity price with a major supplier. Immediate costs savings of 25% (£1,500/yr) were realised by switching the electricity supplier. The energy audit identified a number of energy and water reduction opportunities. For example, fitting a water reduction device to toilet cisterns, trials to replace inefficient halogen lighting with LED alternatives. This audit identified a further £2,000/yr in electricity cost reductions.

After working with PEM Ltd. the hairdressers are now in a more stable financial position for the future and are now planning on using the costs savings generated by switching their supplier towards the capital investment needed to implement the changes that were identified in the action plan.

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