Heat Reduction From Local Secondary School


The school wanted to reduce its gas consumption and energy costs by identifying heat loss areas.


Professional Energy Management Ltd. (PEM Ltd.) undertook a thermal energy audit to highlight areas of improvement and create an action plan.


PEM Ltd. identified savings of over £6,000/yr. The capital costs were £1,500 providing a simple payback of three months.

The secondary school is one of the highest rankings in the country. The estates team are proactive when it comes to saving costs and commissioned Professional Energy Management to undertake a thermal energy audit.

The school has experienced increasing gas costs due to increasing prices and extra usage of appliances and hot water.

Solution & Value
The school called upon the services of Professional Energy Management Ltd. (PEM). PEM undertook a thermal energy audit using thermal cameras was particular useful for highlighting areas that are hidden and/or at high level.

The audit recommended that all the valves, flanges and ancillaries within the plant rooms be insulated with removable thermal covers. This reduced the energy consumption diverting the heat into more appropriate areas rather than being lost.

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