Carbon Plan

Professional Energy Management have produced Carbon Management Plans for both the public and private sector. A Carbon Management Plans defines the strategic and practical process the company is planning to undertake to reduce its carbon emissions and meet the target set.

Every Business Needs a Utility Management Plan

The plan seeks to adopt a whole business approach, meaning that no individual department is wholly responsible, but the objectives of carbon reduction are embedded across all of your activities.

The identification and quantification, along with the implementation and embedding is a fluid aspect of the plan, which will continue throughout the plans time span.

Benefits that having a Carbon Management Plan bring to our organisation:

• Reduced energy costs
• Reduced carbon emissions in particular CO2 emissions
• Sustainable management of waste and transport emissions
• Greater responsibility and understanding of climate change mitigation and adaptation


LED Lighting

Reduction of lighting power by replacing inefficient incandescent or switch start lighting with high efficiency LED alternatives.



One of the shortest payback cost reduction interventions is insulation. We analyse the fabric of your buildings and your heat distribution systems and recommend low cost ‘quick win’ cost reductions. We have thermal cameras to help us identify the heat loss areas.



Often buildings are not controlled effectively allowing equipment to be on during periods of non-use. We have experience of installing weather compensation and optimised start controls. These cost reduction interventions require low cost but can yield large savings.

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